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White Twedding 2010

Kakaako Waterfront Park
Honolulu, HI
Jul 7, 2010
4pm - 8pm

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July 2010
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NOTE: This is for the physical event so we can get a guest count. If attending virtually via Twitter/Livestream, please RSVP to the other Twtvite! (

Join us for the casual Twedding (tweetup wedding) of @iamwhite and @dallasnagata! More solid information will be available soon!

Rough schedule:

5:00pm - Set up (including Wi-Fi, Livestream, know this will take forever to get right...)
6:00pm - Ceremony
6:30pm - 7:17pm - Photos
7:00pm - 9:00pm - Food*

*Found out that Kakaako is open till 10pm, so we CAN make this a potluck! Let me know in comments below what you think about this.

OR We can all invade Big City Diner/ Dave&Buster;'s afterward.

*We started a charity registry for our wedding. If you'd like to donate to one of our selected local organizations in our name to celebrate our wedding, please go here:

More Info:


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daejafallas: @dallasnagata, are you making this dress or are we shopping?
Comment sent less than 4 days ago
rsuenaga: I'm coming to #WhiteTwedding2010 and I have a plan on how to hijack some WiFi for the guests.
Comment sent less than 2 weeks ago

Dallas Nagata (Hawaii)
372 followings | 597 followers | 5,234 tweets

A photographer-artist who is also a huge geek, and likes it that way. (fiancée of @iamwhite.) @ me for a follow! ♫♥


Edward White (Fort Shafter, HI)
438 followings | 709 followers | 8,588 tweets

Soldier. Wannabe Intellectual. Looking for a Revolution. Twitter ID isn't racist, it's my name! @DallasNagata's fiance! @ message me to be followed!

Organized by @dallasnagata, @iamwhite
Twtvite created less than 2 weeks ago

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