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What's Twtvite?
Twtvite is a FREE event management tool based on Twitter that helps you organize and promote local Tweetups.

But what's a "Tweetup" anyway?
A twtup (Twitter speak for "meet up") is an informal social gathering of people suffering from the same social media addiction.

What can I do with Twtvite?
There are two basic functionalities to Twtvite:
(1) You can find local Tweetups by searching or by browsing by location.
(2) You can create you own Tweetup.

When you create a Twtvite, the link is conveniently shortened so you can share it easily on Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed or your favorite social media site. Here are some other features:

  • RSVPs - Any Twitter user can RSVP by clicking on the correspondent button: Yes, Maybe, No. They can change their RSVP at any time. We also manage a Waiting List automatically if the event is full.
  • Add to your calendar - You can add the Tweetup to your Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal or Yahoo Calendar.
  • Map - We display a map with the location of the venue where the Tweetup is taking place.
  • Print name tags - We generate a name tags file to be printed with the names of the people who RSVP'ed Yes or Maybe.
  • Comments - People can leave comments for the people interested in that Tweetup (or talk about some logistic about the event.)
  • Tweets - We Go through Twitter to get all tweets about the event (using the event url or #hashtags)
  • Other events - We also display a list of other events organized by the same person of the current Twtvite you're looking at.
  • Widgets - You can embed Twtvite onto your website.

Why should I use Twtvite?
Twtvite is the most popular event manager site on Twitter. It's clean and simple to use. And did we mention it's FREE?

Why is it relevant for my business?
Most of the people using Twtvite have been using it to organize casual events. This is a great way to bring your relationship with your followers to the next level. But how Twtvite be used to enhance your business strategy on Twitter?

Networking at conferences: @RichardAtDELL organized the AllHat No Cattle Tweetup during SxSW for 279 people.

Local Tweetups: @chrispirillo often organizes Seattle Tweetups and we host ours regularly in Montreal.

Host a Tweetup: Besides connecting with your followers in real life and engaging with the local community, you can actually bring some business to you! The Max Hotel in Seattle hosts regular Tweetups. If you run a bar, restaurant, cafe, etc. You can also do the same.

Why do I have to give Twtvite access to my Twitter account to be able to RSVP?
You don't (in the way you're thinking)! Twitter has two types of authentication access: One gives permission to "access" and the other to "access and update". We use the first one only for verification purpose. That type of authentication doesn't give us any more access than what's available publicly already. All we do is verify that you're logged in as that account and we add your name to the RSVP list.

Even if we wanted, we could NOT update any information on your profile NOR send tweets on your behalf!

How do I create a Twtvite?
In order to create a Twtvite, go to Create a Twtup and fill out this one form. You won't need to create an account. When you submit this form, you will get to the Twtvite page which you can share via Twitter, Facebook, Identi.ca, FriendFeed or any other social network of your choice.

How do I share my Twtvite?
When you're at a Twtvite event page, you will see links to "Tweet this, Share on FriendFeed, Post to Identi.ca, Add to Facebook" at the top of the page. If you click on one of them, a default message is created with the Twtvite link (it will NOT update it for you, as we don't require your account username/password. So you will need to login with your social network and you can review and modify the message before submitting it)

You can always copy + paste the Twtvite link and share however you'd like: email, instant messenger, etc.

Even tough all of the Twtvite events are available through the search on our site, the best way to promote your event is through your network. Make sure you encourage your friends to "Re-tweet" or share it with their friends and so on.

How can I edit my Twtvite?
You can access all of your events and edit them by going to My Twtvite.

Need help?
If you need any help using Twtvite or have any questions about our services please do not hesitate to contact us.

Via email: [email protected]

On Twitter: @twtvite

Live Chat Support: