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Tweet Your Way to Takeoff With HA XtraMiles!

Park Shore Waikiki
2586 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, HI
Apr 29, 2010
6pm - 8pm

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April 2010
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Flying isn’t the only way to earn HawaiianMiles. Hawaiian® Airlines XtraMiles is a fast and easy way to earn HawaiianMiles towards your next awards flight on Hawaiian Airlines. Use your Hawaiian Airlines Visa® Card at participating XtraMiles Partners and earn up to 5 miles per dollar spent. It's that simple!

Join us on April 29 at the Park Shore Waikiki pool deck to find out more about XtraMiles, our partners, and how YOU can earn miles toward your next trip on Hawaiian Airlines! We'll have light refreshments provided by some of our partners (while supplies last). Games & prizes, too!

Parking is limited; please park on the street nearby or at the zoo.

More Info: https://partners.hawaiianairli...

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StarletShay: I'm a "maybe", but probably won't make it. I hope you guys have fun!
Comment sent less than 2 days ago
FL411: this is at the same time as the @ourtown808's @honolulupauhana event this month at Tsunami's :
Comment sent less than 6 days ago
jlieu: Congrats! :D How exciting, sorry I cannot make it, but I will look forward to your second tweet up! Aloha!
Comment sent less than 2 weeks ago
AlohaGadgetGal: Garry will be coming with me.
Comment sent less than 2 weeks ago
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HA XtraMiles Program (Hawaii)
818 followings | 571 followers | 142 tweets

A fun way to earn up to 5 mi/$1 spent w/ur HawaiianAirlines® Visa®Card w/our XtraMiles Partners. Add up miles fast towards ur next award flight on Hawaiian Air!


Aqua Hotels (Hawaii)
2,891 followings | 2,629 followers | 893 tweets

Hotel chain with properties in Waikiki, Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Molokai.

Organized by @earnxtramiles, @aquahotels
Twtvite created less than 2 weeks ago

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