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Be there or be square. Wear black to avoid being conspicuously untrendy! Open wine bar. Private concert by The Shibbering Cheetos!

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39th St & 10th Ave
NYC, United States
Apr 3, 2010
4pm - 7pm
April 2010
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa

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cardenjw: big black newfie...... i already dressed
Comment sent about 2 hr 49 min ago
cardenjw: my mutts is hiding
Comment sent about 2 hr 49 min ago
Ri_Guy: woohoo another #atpawtycant wait to go, must get shopping for somefin Black, see U Saturday.
Comment sent about 16 hr 0 min ago
LaBonessa_F: This is gonna be one cool party-can't wait-am already wearing black!!! Am so up for this!
Comment sent less than 2 days ago
PrincessGwenie: Pink Pups will rock the pawty! Look out here we come dressed to the nines!
Comment sent less than 2 days ago
SydPie: Sounds like so much fun! I'm wearing black too! I will try to pop by if mom lets me.
Comment sent less than 2 days ago
AylaLab: I gots to wear black? Mommy just make me white bunny outfit!!! Oh well. I come naked. I Black Lab.
Comment sent less than 2 days ago
MaxtheQuiltCat: I'll be there. sounds like a great pawty. Thanks for hosting it
Comment sent less than 2 days ago
MommysHardhead: I wanta go but Mommy has to work! :(
Comment sent less than 2 days ago
katieboocat: Hurray! The Girl doesn't have to work that night! I might be fashionably late, but I will be there!
Comment sent less than 3 days ago
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Cokie the Cat (Hollywood, CA)
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I'm Cokie the Cat. You may have heard of me. I am not a girl. I live in Hollywood, but I travel vicarously via my ToyVoyager, Althea. Go Lakers! =^..^=

Snickers, Shiba Inu (√úT: 40.721544,-74.042334)
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Master of the Shiba Mind Control

Organized by @cokiethecat, @snick_the_dog
Twtvite created less than 3 weeks ago

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