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@bredanielle0602 has attended the following events.

Spring Pets Twitter Party

When? Thursday, Mar 20 @ 7pm - 8pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

March 20, 2014 is the first day of Spring. Petrendologist Charlotte Reed is discussing how pet owners can prepare their pets for the Spring season.

Celebrate Kids' First Messy Moments at the #BleachItAway Twitter Party!

When? Wednesday, Mar 12 @ 1pm - 2pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

All parents experience messy moments - “bleachable moments"- when all there is to do is laugh and grab a bottle of Clorox® Regular-Bleach!

Join the #HowBigIsABillion Twitter Party to Learn How Illustrating a Billion Dollars Could Help You Win a Classroom Grant!

When? Tuesday, Mar 11 @ 12pm - 1pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

One billion dollars would fill 2,983 bathtubs, would equal the weight of 9 adult blue whales and would carpet all of downtown Chicago!

Global Impact’s International Women's Day Twitter Chat

When? Friday, Mar 7 @ 2pm - 3pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

By investing in a girl, she can lift herself out of poverty and abuse.

GLAD's Trash Crashers Twitter Party

When? Thursday, Mar 6 @ 1pm - 2pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

Life can get wild and messes happen when we’re having the most fun. And that’s okay, because cleanup is in the bag with Glad Black Bag.