Unofficial Cat of Nascar. Official Cat of my Daddy, @WisSmokeFan. Ferocious Friend & Funny Feline. I Love DCKitty!!#NipClub manager




@TheNascarKitty has attended the following events.

NipClub North Pole Weekend

When? Saturday, Dec 14-15, 2013 @ 2pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

24-hour trip to North Pole to meet the reindeer, have sleighride to see the Northern Lights, & help Santa and the elves get presents ready!

NipClub Monthly - Vikings

When? Saturday, Jun 8-9, 2013 @ 2pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

The Vikings are heading for NipClub! Their longships will land at South Beach on Saturday June 8 at 2pm for 24 hours of non-stop pawtying

#NipClub 3rd Anniversary

When? Saturday, May 11-12, 2013 @ 2pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

#NipClub's 3rd anniversary - music, noms, drinks, quizzes, games, shops, scavenger hunt & trivia! May 11, 2pm EDT for 24 hrs


When? Saturday, Apr 13-14, 2013 @ 2pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

#NipClub Trip To Camelot

#NipClub Alice In Wonderland Weekend

When? Saturday, Jan 12-13, 2013 @ 2pm (EST)
Where? Online

#NipClub follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit-hole for an Alice In Wonderland weekend!

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