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@MommyBlogExpert has attended the following events.

Epi-Pet Summer Twitter Party

When? Wednesday, Jul 2 @ 8pm - 9pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

Michael Fleck, DVM will advise pet owners how to care for their pets with his revolutionary, high quality ear, skin and coat products, during the summer season.

Liquid-Plumr's #HunkyPlumr Valentine's Day Twitter Party

When? Tuesday, Feb 11 @ 1pm - 2pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

Join us for Liquid-Plumr's Valentine's Day Twitter chat. We'll discuss cleaning tips and, of course, their hunky plumrs. 2/11 at 1 PM EST

Join the #GoMicrosoft Twitter Party!

When? Tuesday, May 14, 2013 @ 1pm - 2pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

To troubleshoot tech issues, sign up for fun events & find cool products - #GoMicrosoft! Join our Twitter party on 5/14 to learn more.

Learn How a Photo Can Make A Difference at the #HealthyEssentials Twitter Party!

When? Monday, Apr 8, 2013 @ 1pm - 2pm (EST)
Where? Twitter Chat

Talk with us about Donate a Photo, the app that turns your photos into a way to do good. Join the party to learn more!

#PixyKids Twitter Party!

When? Thursday, Apr 26, 2012 @ 10am - 11am (PST)
Where? Online

Join us in discussing technology, social media, and kids! RSVP for a chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire or $50 Amazon gift cards!