Sept 2014

When? Wednesday, Sep 10 @ 7:15pm - 10:15pm (EST)
Where? Matthews Yard 1 Matthews Yard - Croydon

It's just a social - to come & meet sociable people working in, living near, and/or otherwise enjoying Croydon.

Croydon Tweetup is just a social for people who want to meet up face to face. Come along and meet some locals, anytime from about 7.15pm onwards. We are normally β€˜at’ the bar or if it's warm, out the front. 

Hosted by the sociable ladies of Dot Social – Wendy Ager, Ania Will-Lawton and Stephanie Darkes

Croydon Tweetups

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@DotSocialise Dot Social
Social Media & Marketing superstars @StephanieDarkes @WendyAnnAger & @aniawl helping businesses get the most out of Digital Marketing. Tweets by all

@MatthewsYard MatthewsYard
Independent coffee, cake and coworking in London's biggest borough. Now with added theatre and art!

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