BlogWorld / PubCon Vegas Tweetup

Come and meet @blogworld and @pubcon CEO's Rick Calvert and Brett Tabke and @twtvite's own Founder @twtfelipe FREE shot and 1/2 price drinks
KOI @ Planet Hollywood
3667 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV
Aug 26, 2009
5pm - 7pm
August 2009
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa

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josephmorin: Peter we all feel for you - having to slum it out in poor, poor guy ;) Hope your Tweetup in Waikiki tonight is a success!
Comment sent more than 6 months ago Nope, not in town but will see you in October. :)
Comment sent more than 6 months ago
peterarceo: I'm bummed that I'm missing this event. Of all the weeks I had to go to Hawaii! Dammit.
Comment sent more than 6 months ago

Joseph Morin (Irvine, CA)
3,870 followings | 5,460 followers | 2,089 tweets

Former CEO – Storybids (acquired by IDT Media Group); Advisory Board: @; New start-up:; Evangelist: PubCon Conferences; Traveling Jetsetter

Organized by @josephmorin
Twtvite created more than 6 months ago

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