Ealing Tweetup Returns.

When? Thursday, Feb 7 @ 7pm - 11:30pm (GMT)
Where? The Rose & Crown, Church Place, St. Mary's Road, Ealing, - London, W5 4HN.

Ignore the wintry weather! Join us at the first Ealing Tweetup of 2013 for a warm, toasty welcome at the Rose & Crown. Registration is FREE!

The Ealing Tweetup is an informal social media networking event in West London that brings together a diverse range of (mainly) local business people, politicians, bloggers & journos, digital industry types and other interesting folks from many walks of life.  

With live music - and sometimes free pizza and drinks courtesy of our host, Tom at the Rose & Crown - the events are proving a great success, with anything from thirty to over 200 attendees, joining to meet fellow Twitter users and expand their networks!  

We don't mind if you are a Twitter beginner or a media expert. Everyone is welcome!

Would You Like To Sponsor The Next Ealing Tweetup?

What is becoming increasingly hard, is finding corporate sponsorship for the event.  Even in these tough financial times, we have had companies willing to sponsor/donate money to provide a first drink at the bar or to pay for the band.  But we cannot always go knocking at the same doors, so I thought I would explain what any potential sponsor might get in return.

1. Association.

The Ealing Tweetup is one of the most well-known and successful London Social Media events. Linking with the night automatically boosts an organisation's ‘social currency’ and builds awareness of their brand online via event Tweets and subsequent press releases.  Previous sponsors have associated themselves with the event to improve their visibility in Ealing and with the wider community....and not just in Greater London, but also further afield (we've had attendees from East Anglia, Scotland and even Sau Paulo, Brazil).

With Social Media constantly growing in popularity and increasingly integrated with corporate marketing, PR and commercial targets, this is the ideal time to partner with Tweetup events.

2. Knowledge.

Understanding and participating in Social Media can be quite daunting to the inexperienced.  The Ealing Tweetup provides the ideal opportunity for a company marketers and managers to meet with a variety of practitioners, from in-house social media managers to PR agency directors .... or even just normal average people who now follow, post and ‘retweet’ as part of their daily lives.  From finding information on the latest blogging platform through to ways legitimate of building up your followers, attendees of all experience can learn something new.

3. Marketing Visibility.

Previous tweetups have been attended by journalists, bloggers, BBC presenters and senior political figures including the Deputy Mayor of London.  Consequently it provides a fantastic vehicle for any marketer to promote their company.  The sponsor has the opportunity to place banners alongside the band which are usually captured in photos and videos throughout the night; and then in the nature of Twitter, will be constantly posted online.  The sponsor will get numerous mentions in blogs, online press postings and even local & regional newspapers.

4. Search Engine Optimisation Assistance.

Links are the currency of the World Wide Web, with search engines such as Google using them as the key indicator of your site's online gravitas.  This means that when someone mentions your company in a post and link back to your website, you can gain a better foothold on search engines.  Therefore one of the many benefits of being a sponsor is the number of online mentions your company will receive in association with the Tweetup. 

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Ex PR wizard for JK Rowling. Talented at managing celebrities, events & PR campaigns. PR columnist for @TheDrum. Organiser of London's biggest Tweetup #ealingtu

@darrenmoore Darren Moore
Technical Team Manager @ Orange Digital. Certified ScrumMaster; Open Source; Ealing; Musician; Photographer; Cyclist; Dad. Soup Kitchen and Ealing Tweetup.






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