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Filming our #Top50Jo

We have started #Top50Jo. Now let's document it on Video. Come on and join us to film what we love most about Jordan. We are meeting at Wild Jordan on Saturday January 30th 2010
Wild Jordan
4th left on Rainbow Street 1st Circle.
Amman, Jordan
Jan 30, 2010
5pm - 8pm
January 2010
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa

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Halawa: What a bummer, all the good stuff happens when I'm away. Enjoy tweeps, and do tell how it goes!
Comment sent more than 3 months ago
HaninSh: Too bad I won't be able to make it! It is great that it's happening! No wonder we ADORE Jordan! :)
Comment sent more than 3 months ago
Aboosh: I wish I was in Jordania to attend! Please keep us posted on how it goes! Love you all! This happening is one of our #Top50Jo!
Comment sent more than 3 months ago
Shusmo: Low shusmo. Click on Yes attending please :-)
Comment sent more than 3 months ago
LadyB84: sign me up..wil ther be hair and make up people? or is this like a low budget production -.-
Comment sent more than 3 months ago

Shusmo (Amman, Jordan )
845 followings | 654 followers | 7,674 tweets

Shusmo: Whatchamacallit. It is anything and everything. Don't be alarmed, let the #Shsmo embrace you. THE SHUSMO SHALL SET YOU FREE!

Raghda Butros (√úT: 31.984997,35.883571)
496 followings | 728 followers | 3,126 tweets

urban activist. community organizer. closet anthropologist. explorer. conversationalist. troublemaker. ashoka fellow. founder of @hamzetwasel

Organized by @shusmo, @raghdabutros
Twtvite created more than 3 months ago

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