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AddToTaste (Cape Town)
352 followings | 509 followers | 9,015 tweets

Fun loving Graphic designer, amateur foodie and social butterfly. Love my friends like family

Ishay Govender-Ypma (√úT: -33.928883,18.410926)
603 followings | 752 followers | 9,944 tweets

Explorer, ex-lawyer, bibliophile, Barca Queen, help2read volunteer, lover of good food (read my blog) & the quirky. After all, life's too short for lettuce!!

CutnBake (Cape Town)
259 followings | 77 followers | 82 tweets

Glamour Granda-Eva's original cookie dough recipes: Choc Chunk,Peanut Butter,Butter Shortbread,Oatmeal&Raisin;,Ginger Spice.Simply cut&bake; til you smaak!

Katie Leigh Coetzee (Mountains, or City.)
551 followings | 413 followers | 1,721 tweets

Eater,Drinker,Dancer,Writer,Reader,Firestarter,Gypsy, PR/Branding/Marketing/Events.

Organized by @AddToTaste, @Foodandthefab, @cutnbake, @Katie_Coetzee
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