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At 7pm - 9pm
Bamboo Garden
14 Kennedy Road South
Brampton, Canada

Tired of seeing resto tweetups in downtown, and downtown only? What about people in the west-end?

Being a foodie in 'sauga, I'm organizing a Brampton Tweetup at Bamboo Garden (@PadThaiSpecial). Tina's (@TinaNguyensays) parents are owners of Bamboo Garden and have agreed to accommodate us ^_^

If you like Thai food and pad thai, save the date and come join us!

UPDATE - March 9, 2010

Tina has kindly worked out a menu for the us so that we don't have to use our brains *woohoo*! Everything will be shared amongst us. Dishes include:

>2 Green Mango Salad with shrimp
>2 Lemongrass Soup: 1 seafood, 1 bass fish
>1 Coconut Soup with seafood
>Vietnamese Fried Chicken Spring Rolls: 1/2 Roll per person

>2 Pad Thai Specials
>1 Sesame Beef
>1 Mango Chicken
>1 Green Curry with Vegetables and Tofu
>1 Stir fry Sate Beef
>1 Special Fried Rice
>1 Basil Shrimp
>1 Peanut Chicken
>Lemongrass Chicken and Chilli Peppers
>A few bowls of steamed rice

For our group of 11, the final cost per person will be $17 (tax & tips included). Anything else you order (i.e. drinks, desserts, etc) will be charged separately.

Also, much appreciated if you can bring CASH to make Tina's life easier ^_^

More Info: http://padthaispecial.blogspot...

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Stella (Toronto)
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Tax consultant from 9-5 | Full-time Raptors fan | Foodie 365 days a year | Part-time blogger | Lover of all things Hello Kitty. Welcome to my world ^_*

Organized by @foodieyu
Twtvite created more than 6 months ago

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