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Get Started!

Twtvite is a Twitter-based event manager tool for organizing Tweetups. At the moment, we allow read-only access to our data. Before you start, please create an API Key. Sign in with your Twitter account and fill out the form on the "API Key" tab.

API Methods

For all methods: Format JSON | HTTP Method: GET | Requires Authentication: false | Requres API Key: true

YOUR_API_KEY = Create one here!
TWTVITE_ID = http://twtvite.com/abcdef


events/event_get - get an event info.

Url: http://twtvite.com/api/events/event_get/?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&id=TWTVITE_ID

Input parameters

Output parameters: event (twtvite_id, event_name, event_description, event_info_url, start_date, end_date, event_timezone, event_hashtag, created_date, event_canceled, event_private, event_code), venue (venue_name, venue_address, venue_city), organizers, sponsors, partners, rsvp_num (yes, maybe, no, waiting_list)


events/rsvps_get - get list of RSVPs (Yes, Maybe, No) for an event.

Url: http://twtvite.com/api/events/rsvps_get/?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&id=TWTVITE_ID

Input parameters

Output parameters: rsvp_num (yes, maybe, no, waiting_list), rsvp_list (name, rsvp_date)


events/comments_get - get comments for an event.

Url: http://twtvite.com/api/events/comments_get/?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&id=TWTVITE_ID

Input parameters

Output parameters: comments (name, comment, comment_date)



search/keyword - search public events by keywords.

Url: http://twtvite.com/api/search/keyword/?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&keyword=SEARCH_TERM

Input parameters

Output parameters: events (event as in event_get)


search/location - search public events by city, state/region, country.

Url: http://twtvite.com/api/search/location/?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&city=CITY_NAME®ion=REGION_NAME&country=COUNTRY_NAME

Input parameters

Output parameters: events (event as in event_get)



users/rsvps_get - get list of events RSVP'ed (Yes or Maybe) by a user.

Url: http://twtvite.com/api/users/rsvps_get/?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&screenname=TWITTER_HANDLER

Input parameters

Output parameters: events (event as in event_get)


users/organizers_list - get list of events organized by a user.

Url: http://twtvite.com/api/>users/organizers_list/?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&screenname=TWITTER_HANDLER

Input parameters

Output parameters: events (event as in event_get)

Location Widget!

You can use our location widget on your website/blog to display the latest Tweetups by country/state. Simply copy/paste the code below and change the parameters as you need it.

Input parameters
n = number of place to display.
nl = display Twtvite logo (1 = not display | 0 = display, default).
co = country (ISO country code. Ex: us = United States, au = Australia, de = Germany, etc.).
s = state/region (for the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India).
nco = except country (displays all except country).

http://twtvite.com/badge/location/?co=us&s=ca - Returns Tweetups in the State of California.
http://twtvite.com/badge/location/?n=5&nco=us - Returns the top 5 Tweetups excluding the United States.