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April meetup w/ OMS + SEOmoz
At 5pm - 7:30pm
Elysian Brewery on Capitol Hill
1221 E Pike St, Seattle, WA
Seattle, WA

Maximize your networking time! SMC Seattle's April meetup, joined by Online Marketing Summit. Now with 120 free beers & tour from SEOmoz!

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mortgageporter: If I didn't have a loan ap to do tonight...I'd be at the Seattle Tweetup! Next time...
Comment sent more than 29 months ago
bloodcenter: Look forward to rubbing elbows.
Comment sent more than 29 months ago
elrayz: Thank you very much for the headsup...
Comment sent more than 30 months ago
smcseattle: @elrayz Sorry about the confusion. Yes, same event, new location, plus SEOmoz. :)
Comment sent more than 30 months ago
sparkwords: @elrayz This is the same event! It just changed locations.
Comment sent more than 30 months ago
elrayz: there is also a tweetup same time/night at o'asians? Or is this for an entirely different type of meeting?
Comment sent more than 30 months ago
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SMCSeattle (Seattle)
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Social Media Club for the greater Seattle metro area. Connect with us! (Tweets by our Community Team.)

Organized by @smcseattle
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