vStogies 2013

When? Wednesday, Aug 28-29, 2013 @ 11pm - 1am (PST)
Where? Occidental Cigar Club 471 Pine Street - San Francisco

It's the annual after-the-VMworld-party event for those that like cigars

Small Venue Alert!

Enjoy the VMworld party and then join us for vStogies at the Occidental Cigar Club.

After a long and busy week at VMworld, relax with other VMware geeks while enjoying a fine cigar.

This is not a sponsored event, so come prepared!

This is a small venue with a 49-person fire code limit. We can overflow outside for cigars, but not drinks.  Please keep this in mind and RSVP in kind.

Event Wall

@MBLeib ツMatt Leib ☯
SE @Nexenta, #vExpert, Dad, Virt, Storage & Tunes, Chicago, VCP, Guitars, Fiction, Movies, Sardonic, Scotch, Illumos. Tweets r mine

@tscalzott Todd Scalzott
Infrastructure to coding to virtualization with VMware. Cycling enthusiast and DIY nut. Personal and professional tweets likely.

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