#LyricallyFit @ The Blue Room

When? Saturday, Dec 28-29, 2013 @ 9pm - 2am (EST)
Where? Blue Room Lounge 201 Secaucus Rd - Secaucus, NJ

Lyrically Fit in Secaucus, Nj w/ Rhymageddon, Omega Ice & more TBA

Lyrically Fit ~ Where the world becomes one with Hip Hop!
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~ 9 mths ago

@INF5MG InfPower Music Group

The headliners for this show is just plan crazy! Dysfunkshunal Familee, Rhym AGeddon, King RA and Andre' Campbell aka Omega Ice!!! Yes, the official last show of the year is going to retarded!!


@Lyrically_Fit LyricallyFit
Lyrically Fit Shows are based out of Philadelphia ~ For more info go to http://t.co/EwPXvYBEft~ #Lyrically Fit ~Where the world becomes one with Hip Hop!

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@INF5MG InfPower Music Group
Most of these bloggers post for the fuck of it Sucka shit I tell 'em eat a few boogers and Suckaclip

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